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Celebrate Vaccines with the British Society for Immunology

25th March 2020

On Thursday 26th March the British Society for Immunology is launching a campaign to celebrate the amazing role of vaccines in global health – and we would love for the International Veterinary Vaccinology Network to help us get the word out on social media.

Why is this important?

Our goal is to strengthen the public’s understanding of vaccines in a positive way and to empower people to make informed decisions about vaccination.

As an important voice in the vaccination community, your contribution to this conversation would be invaluable. Will you join us for a day of digital advocacy, education, and celebration?

What do you need to do?

Visit the Celebrate Vaccines website to learn more about the project and to check out the social media toolkit. You’ll also find our free, public engagement vaccine kit for families and children available to download. Then, on Thursday 26th March we want you to:

Use the #CelebrateVaccines hashtag @britsocimm
Like and share our short animations, eye-catching infographics, and hands-on vaccine kit
Tell the world why the veterinary community supports vaccination
Use this opportunity to highlight your own public information resources on vaccination

 Why now?

Celebrate Vaccines was conceived as part of a wider advocacy push in the run-up to the GAVI Replenishment Conference 2020, long before the emergence of the new Coronavirus. However, as the world races to develop a vaccine for this new infectious disease, the critical role of vaccination for protecting global health and maintaining our way of life comes into sharper focus.

GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance work to protect vulnerable children from other preventable diseases through their immunisation programmes. Their next strategic cycle aims to raise $7.4 billion to immunise 300 million children around the world – an impressive and important goal.

By Celebrating Vaccines we hope to contribute to this incredible mission by engaging the public and informing the narrative about why vaccines are important.

We invite you to celebrate the power of vaccines with us. If you have any questions or need any more information, please do get in touch.

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