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Festival of Biologics - Congress Centre, Basel

15th October 2019 to 17th October 2019

The Festival of Biologics combines four, outstanding conferences, the European Antibody Congress, the World Immunotherapy Congress, the World Biosimilar Congress and the Clinical Trials World Congress under one roof.

The flagship conference, the European Antibody Congress first graced the stages of Lyon in 2004. this event consisted of just 40 speakers and 100 attendees. Between 2004 and 2018 the congress has grown from strength to strength, moving from Lyon, to Geneva and settling in Basel in 2015. Over the years additional long running events – the  World Biosimilar Congress (est. 2012 in London) and newer additions, the World Immunotherapy Congress  (est. 2016 in Basel) and  Clinical Trials World Congress (est. 2018).

With five events happening under one roof, the event soon became the one stop shop for all things biologics from early discovery through to preclinical, clinical development, manufacture, and final product. In 2018, all five events were combined to bring you the Festival of Biologics with over 1,000 attendees – the event where any biologics expert can find their place, their people and their network.

The Festival of Biologics 2019 will address the  strategic and commercial aspects of discovering, developing, and bringing new biologics to patients  with high level, global speakers from  big pharma, biotech, academia and industry. Three days packed full of top level science, data and case studies, workshops, roundtables and networking opportunities bringing together   350+ speakers, 100 sponsors and exhibitors and over 1500 attendees. This is not an event to be missed.

Full details can be found here.


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