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Immunological Toolbox Workshop

17th January 2018

Hosted at Stirling Court Hotel

17th January 2018

13.00 - 17.30 

This workshop focuses on identifying gaps in the current portfolio of immunological tools that are required to address scientific priorities. The workshop will be discussion-led focusing on ongoing reagent development activity as well as priorities for future reagents. This workshop is open to those in the veterinary research field who have a requirement for immunological tools for their research.


Free to attend but please register



1) Summary of previous meeting held at the Pirbright Institute (see Veterinary Immunological Toolbox Meeting Report)

2) Update on funded Toolbox activity at The Roslin Institute and the Pirbright Institute 

3) Update on website under development at the Pirbright Institute

4) Breakout and feedback session to identify ongoing tool development and to list gaps/priorities for reagent development


Emphasis will be placed on agenda item 4; participants are encouraged to submit ideas for discussion ahead of the meeting to

Associated scientists: 

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