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2nd Fisheries & Aquaculture Conference - Prague 12-13 August 2019

12th August 2019 to 13th August 2019

Fish Pathology & Physiology, Aquatic Immunology, Aquatic Physiology professors and experts of application fields invite you to join them in Prague, Czech Republic for the 2nd International Summit on Fisheries & Aquaculture to foster the progress in the field by contributing with your expertise to what promises to be a very comprehensive and exciting meeting, and to enjoy the immense unique artistic heritage and wonderful landscape of Czech Republic.

International Veterinary Immunology Symposium 2019 - Seattle USA

13th August 2019 to 16th August 2019

The IVIS conference brings Industry, Government, and Academic specialists together and provides an update and overview of new, cutting-edge information in basic and applied veterinary immunology, including topics on protective immunity, vaccine strategies, important disease targets, and various animal species. The meeting is a combination of plenary sessions and concurrent sessions on a variety of relevant themes, and also includes workshops on reagents and tools for studies in various veterinary species.

14th Global Summit on Veterinary and Animal Sciences” (Veterinary Science 2019)

12th September 2019 to 13th September 2019

“14th Global Summit on Veterinary and Animal Sciences” (Veterinary Science 2019) From 12-13 September, 2019 at Sydney, Australia.


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