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Network Vision

The Vision

To foster a multi-disciplinary community to enhance the development and uptake of novel tools and technologies as well as address the “unmet” needs in protective immunity in the field of veterinary vaccinology.


 To establish and sustain research partnerships that generates scientific knowledge and discovers the tools/technologies to develop next generation vaccines


  • Facilitate sharing of existing knowledge by coordinating current research activities and the sharing of reagents and resources
  • Provide a focus for discussion on novel technologies/technology development and an immunology toolbox for the target veterinary species
  • Bring together experts to analyse gaps in capability and identify research priorities
  • Provide advice and annual updates to BBSRC on landscape and research gaps in the area
  • Facilitate new research collaborations and initiate collaborative bids for funding
  • Promote collaboaration with the human vaccinology research community
  • Establish links with industry


  • Hold regular scientific focused workshops
  • Host annual meetings with various speakers in the field come to talk about research
  • Create a directory of network members and their research interests 
  • Raise awareness of veterinary vaccinology via public engagement activities as well as professional development



The collaborative approach of the network will facilitate sharing of existing knowledge and resources in relation to veterinary vaccinology as well as provide a forum for innovative thinking due to the multidisciplinary, OneHeath approach. The network hopes to facilitate new research collaborations identifying research gaps and priorities and thus bids for funding. The community is extended to all that share an interest in vaccine development and application: from veterinary and human scientists to those who work in pharmaceutical industry, vaccine regulators, policymakers and practicing veterinarians and animal workers.


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