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The Veterinary Vaccinology Network is a multidisciplinary community who aim to address the unmet needs in veterinary vaccinology, continuing in the fight against animal diseases and consequently those that have the potential to spread to humans. The network aims to enhance collaborations between scientific researchers, industry, policy makers and regulators to design, develop and deliver safe and effective next-generation vaccines against new and (re)-emerging diseases.

Vaccines represent one of the most cost effective interventions for prevention, control and eradication of diseases.Veterinary vaccines not only protect against animal health but also enhance animal welfare; aid in improving livestock production; meet growth food demands; reduce the need for antibiotics and other drugs (e.g. aquaculture) and finally protect public health from animal diseases that have the potential to transmit into humans.

 While, historically, vaccination campaigns have had success, such as the eradication of rinderpest, exotic (e.g. avian influenza) and re-emerging diseases (e.g. Porcine Respiratory and Reproductive Syndrome), have highlighted the need to re-think the current methods for developing safe, long-lasting and sterile vaccines.

Building on the UK strength in veterinary science, advances in biotechnology, and the biological revolution in new technologies (such as next generation DNA sequencing and synthetic biology), the network will provide opportunities for researchers and industry alike to produce new veterinary vaccines and facilitate efficient development pathways. The collaborative approach of the network will facilitate sharing of existing knowledge and resources in relation to veterinary vaccinology as well as provide a forum for innovative thinking due to the multidisciplinary, OneHeath approach. The network hopes to facilitate new research collaborations identifying research gaps and priorities and thus bids for funding.

The network aims to assist in a multitude of ways:

  • Hold regular scientific focused workshops
  • Host annual meetings to discuss vaccinology research
  • Create a directory of network members and their research interests 
  • Raise awareness of veterinary vaccinology via public engagement activities as well as professional development


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