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External Partners

Research Networks

STAR-IDAZ Global Network of Animal Disease Research
GFRA Global Foot and Mouth Disease Research Alliance


Network of expertise on Animal Influenza


Global African Swine Fever Research Alliance


European Network of Vaccine Research and Development
Global Peste-des-peetits Ruminants Research Alliance Global PPR Research Alliance
Instruct Structural Biology Network
Bioscience Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Conversion of Bioscience knowledge into innovative agricultural, food and industrial bioscience products and processes
One Health Global Network Connects One Health Networks together
IUIS International Union of Immunological Societies
GARAD Global Alliance for Research on Avian Diseases
WRLFMD World Reference Laboratory for Foot and Mouth Disease
PARAGONE Academic and Commercial Partnership developing animal vaccines
SAPHIR Strengthening Animal Production and Health through the Immune Response
VetIMM U.S. Veterinary Immune Reagent Network

Research Organisations

Pirbright Institute Research and surveillance in viral livestock diseases and viruses that spread animals to humans
BBSRC Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council
Jenner Institute Research into Human and Veterinary Vaccines against major global diseases
MRC Medical Research Council
ESRC Economic and Social Research Council
LSHTM Vaccine Centre Research and training on Vaccines
EID Edinburgh Infectious Diseases
Gates Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
The Roslin Institute Research into health and welfare of animals  
OPPF Oxford Protein Production Facility
SGM Society for General Microbiology
BSI British Society for Immunology


Research Databases


Vetvac Database of livestock veterinary vaccines
Research Gate Network dedicated to science and research
Linkedin Business-orientated networking service



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