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Veterinary Immunology Toolbox Meeting (UK Veterinary Vaccinology Network)

21st - 22nd August 2017

A UK Veterinary Vaccinology Network funded workshop was conducted at The Pirbright Institute on Veterinary Immunology Toolbox. This workshop brought together international researchers to dicuss development of an Immunological Toolbox.


Presentations focused on:

Background to the Immunological Toolbox: historical activities, funded projects across institutes – Gary Entrican, Moredun (GE) 

Current funding for immunological toolbox activity: BBSRC ISPG and GCRF – JH and JCH 

Immunological Toolbox, US perspective – Joan Lunney (JL) USDA ARS 

International Veterinary Vaccinology Network – Tim Connelley, Roslin Institute (TC) 


Breakout sessions also discussed priorities in developing the immunological toolbox. 


Please see the report for further information.

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